MECi Swiss

Why MECi Swiss

With our partners, today we manage over 500 million Swiss francs of our clients funds and remain a trusted ally and advisor of choice for a select few number of wealthy families, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world.

From the very beginning, MECi Swiss founders were focused on delivering services and solutions that would guide international clients with their aspirations of multi-jurisdictional wealth diversification.

Our role is to help you consolidate and establish and maintain the safest, most convenient, profitable and compliant manner possible. Additionally, adhering to local and international regulatory compliance has become a central aspect in creating long-lasting wealth solutions.

We coordinate our know-how, experience and network to the tune of your needs and objectives. We make it a priority to simplify international wealth management by acting as your trusted contact and service centre, as well as through a comprehensive array of services and solutions that integrate the benefits of both effective, compliant cross-border planning and prudent global investing.

Our Mission

The mission of MECi Swiss is to become the most respected private banking services provider in the Middle East Region; asset protection, transaction management and wealth creation is the core of our services.

Our Services

Portfolio review and analysis – ‘second look’

MECi Swiss has developed a strong expertise in portfolio analysis and management. Clients typically ask us to analyse existing portfolios that are currently managed by other asset management firms in order to get our advice on how to improve returns.

Investment Management & Advisory

Our objective is to provide our clients with a solution that is adapted to their specific needs in terms of expected returns, risk tolerance, future liquidity requirements and potential tax and legal restrictions. We select a risk profile that best suits our client’s specific objectives.

Our principles of operation are:
  • Building on core strengths and competences
  • Exploiting opportunities
  • Making use of our network
  • Applying a bespoke and differentiated investment approach
  • Understanding future threats and timely response to changing market risks
  • Assessing and observing time, economic and business trends and cycles
  • Executing with efficiency

Asset & Capital Protection

Nowadays with continuous pressure on offshore jurisdictions, offshore bank accounts are no longer enough, protection of assets can take a number of forms; offshore and trust vehicles are however, the most effective asset protection practices. Offshore trusts and companies can be used separately or together. In order to ensure effective offshore asset protection, three key factors are critical in a jurisdiction; effective privacy legislation, strong banking secrecy laws, and modern trust legislation.

MECi Swiss is working with the leading tax and legal specialists around the world to advise its clients on the best structure to protect their assets. This typically involves setting up one or several companies or trusts and depositing the assets at one of the Swiss banks we work with, either in Switzerland or in one of the other jurisdictions where our partner banks have banking centres.

Our investment strategy is well suited to achieve the objective of capital protection, as we want to achieve positive absolute returns in all circumstances. For example, we have set up investment portfolios that are 100% capital protected for our most conservative clients.

Family Office Services

MECi Swiss offers clients with more than CHF 10 million in assets under its management a complete range of family office services.

Accounting Services

MECi Swiss partners with leading Swiss accounting companies to offer its clients best-in-class accounting services. Our clients typically have several accounts at various banks and would like to receive the consolidated statements on a regular basis. The objective is to be able to look at the consolidated balance and be able to compare the performance and fees of all its managers. Our consolidated reports offer our clients great transparency on their holdings and allow them to make significant progress in selecting the best managers available.

Private Transaction Services

MECi Swiss can provide its clients with virtually any service that is not readily available for clients at traditional asset management firms. Using our extensive network of clients and business partners and works with specialized firms around the world to provide private services. We put a special emphasis on confidentiality as the success of these deals often relies on it.

This includes, for example:
  • Financing or leasing of private planes and boats
  • Private sale or purchase of paintings or vintage memorabilia
  • Individual global real estate transactions or property portfolios
  • Building of physical assets
  • Private placements
  • Swiss Letters of Credit
  • Tickets to major sporting and entertainment events
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