MECi Renewables

Why Renewables?

Renewable energy set new records in 2015 for dollar investment, the amount of new capacity added and the relative importance of developing countries in that growth. All this happened in a year in which prices of fossil fuel commodities – oil, coal and gas – plummeted, causing distress to many companies and countries involved in the hydrocarbon sector. Last year saw global investment in renewables rise 5% to $285.9 billion, over the 12 years the total amount committed to renewable energy has reached $2.3 trillion.

Why Solar is the future?

Solar energy production is now cheapest and unsubsidised form of energy in nearly 60 countries. The acceleration and growth is seemingly unstoppable in both developed and developing countries as technological innovation and advancement is pushing through economic and cost barriers. As a result of continuous innovation and production scale, new energy development projects are almost entirely focused on solar energy production and this consequently will exponentially drive manufacturing costs further down.

Why MECi Renewables?

MECi Renewables is committed to support the global acceleration and the paradigm shift taking place in renewable energy. We provide our partners with the complete solution to electricity production of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) and conventional photovoltaic production methods for governments and private companies considering renewable energy solutions.

How we can help?

If you have a project in solar power generation through conventional photovoltaic or BIPV application, contact us to explore partnership and joint venture opportunities. We can help with market advisory, project finance, equipment procurement, construction and operation.

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