About MECi Group

Enhancing Human Development via Business Advisory, Investment Management and Consultancy Services

About Us

We focus on developing human potential, with projects that our Members undertake for themselves, and for our Clients.

Our Member community consists of dedicated and talented individuals who are located across our world, including Switzerland, Russia, Kuwait, Iran, and many more.

Operating under the laws of Switzerland as a non-profit organisation, our Members form collaborative units that draw upon diverse and wide experiences from inside and outside the Group. Then we engage in our projects, offering a wide range of benefits to both Members and Clients. The end result: enhancing human development, of our Members, and of our Clients

At Meci Group, we strive to enhance human development through connecting business wherever it may be. Connected people take part in the emerging global collaboration that is the networked business society – a society in which every person and every industry is empowered through connection to reach their full potential. We utilise this network to bring full potential for our Members and our Clients.

Thinking and working outside the box is high on our agenda, giving chance to any ideas or projects even if they are not common in specific areas.

Our Members are important: we strive to help them discover the potential they each have.


Our vision is to stretch the boundaries of human performance by transforming the performance of our Members, Partners, Clients and Suppliers; to bring them increased quality of life be that through increased revenues, security, profits and other measures such as happiness and satisfaction.

We pride ourselves for our integrity and transparency, and our exclusive networks are key to the success of anyone we partner with.

We are Meci Group and we are here to help create our success and your success.


To fully develop the full human potential of our Members and our Clients.

We do this by providing focused personalised service, offering great care and attention to detail on each and every project we are involved with.

Our Members are continually being trained for continually improving themselves and the quality of their lives.